Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The debates between these two in '04 were classic.

Oh, man... what a great weekend Jennie & I had. First, Jennie opened Compromise at the Firehouse Theatre Project. Playwright Israel Horovitz was there & he seemed to really enjoy it. The cast is first-rate & the talk-backs were illuminating & fun. On sunday, I got to do a reading of Madame Bonnard's Bath, a new play by Mr. Horovitz, about the life and loves of artist Pierre Bonnard, who curiously once started 'fixing' a painting while it hung in a Paris museum, freaking out the security guard.

The play employs three actors; One to play Bonnard, one to play all the women in his life, and one to play the male figures in his life--Philanthropists, Fellow 'Artistes', a freaked-out security guard & many more. I got the plum role of the swing actor who plays all of Bonnard's male cohorts, and man, what a blast. The challenge is the for the actor to make all of the characters different and interesting, and the writing is so accessible & such fun to bring to life.

JackParrish directed myself & VCU student Megan Carboni, who filled in nicely for Jennie when she was hit with some mystery crud that seems to be circling the Capitol region, and the always interesting & quirky Justin Dray got to navigate Bonnard through all the phases of his life. It is a great play & Mr. Horovitz is looking to do it onstage at his theatre in Gloucester, Mass this summer.

I'm still waiting for confirmation of Rounding Third, and as a result I am kind of in a state of inertia; Unable to commit to any alternative course of action until I hear for sure... So I've been sitting around in my swaetpants, drinking coffee & trolling this crazy MYSPACE site --catching up with old cronies from back in the day & those who'm I've always wanted to meet in person. My favorite baseball player, Infielder Pokey Reese, has a page of his own & I stopped by to tell him good luck & thank him for being part of the Sox' run to greatness in '04. I'm such the dork. I have also sent salutations to figure-skater Tanith Belbin, Musical Duo ONE RING ZERO, Congressman Dennis Kucicnich, and fictional characters Dr. Buckaroo Banzai and GALACTUS-- devourer of worlds!! What stupid fun!!

I should probably sit down & do some Vipassanna while I have this time, but I keep watching stupid videos of people crashing into stuff on the MYSPACE video catalogue & laughing like an eight year-old kid. I do have the first full-team outdoor baseball workout on sunday for the VBC Cardinals, though, so that should be good. I'll post more about the coming months as soon as I know more!!

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