Saturday, December 31, 2005


2005 was a great year for me, as I developed spiritually, athletically, and professionally.

I had a lot of great opportunities to do different things this year, from teaching Acting at The University of Richmond and doing Shakespeare for Television to doing more voice-overs and commercials than in previous years. I also worked with some great people, and made a lot of new friends.

I also took my vows of refuge with Lama Norlha Rinpoche, and worked at the Buddhist practice of meditation with a little more diligence (although there is always room for improvement!!) and I watched my lovely wife Jennifer's amazing artistic dimension blossom into a million possibilities.

In addition, I have had a remarkably rewarding experience this year serving as a mentor for an incredibly sensitive and warm-hearted sixteen-year-old young man named Zac, who is a really cool kid in spite of the fact that he roots for the Yankees. The sky is the limit for this kid, and both Jennie and I love him dearly. I hope to watch him playing baseball this spring-- Keep those grades up, dude!!

This year also saw my return to the baseball diamond in the Virginia baseball congress, where I batted like .228 or something but I finished strong and I'm amped to try it again this spring!!
I also started a friendship with Jarvis Masters, a Buddhist practicioner in San Quentin whose literary works I have read and deeply admire.

My New year's resolution is simply to try and be myself-- To not be afraid to reach out and try something new, and to work a little harder every day on those things that I enjoy, whether it be acting, writing, working out or hitting in the cage.

The most profound thing that I read all year has become my new mantra:

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room."
-Anita Koddick

Here are some images from 2005.

"Ladies and Gentlemen-- Now batting-- Don Knotts!!"

This picture is frickin' sweet.

Reggie runs the household, basically. We're HIS pets.

Big Papi carried the 2005 Red Sox on his back all year long.

Elliott lobbies for a new ballpark in Downtown Richmond .

I shaved my head in January of 2005-- I look like the lead singer of Midnight Oil.

Jen's Photography and paintings are remarkable.

Big Suprise-- The Pats did it AGAIN!!

Elliott and Petey-- moments before I pull out my lightsaber, cut Elliott open and climb in for warmth.

Jarvis Masters has become a pen pal of mine.

Thrown out at second on a steal attempt *Cough*-bullshit--*Cough.
(The Indians get all the calls, man...)

Jennifer is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen... she majored in DAMN! at VCU.

Zac is headed in the right direction.


-Scott Wichmann

Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Happy Bodhi Day to All Beings Everywhere!!!!

However young,
The seeker who sets out upon the way
Shines bright over the world.

But day and night,
The man who is awake
Shines the radiance of the spirit.

Live purely.
Be quiet.
Do your work,
With mastery.

Like the moon,
Come out from behind the clouds!


-from the Dhammapada,
translated by Thomas Byrom

"The future is a notion. The future is made up of only one substance, the present. If you are taking good care of the present moment, why do you have to worry about the future? By taking care of the present, you are doing everything you can to assure a good future.

Is there anything else you can do?

Live the present moment in such a way that peace and joy may be possible here and now--
That love and understanding may be possible. Dwelling happily and peacefully is the best thing we can do to ensure peace and happiness in the future."

-Thich Nhat Hanh, Listening Deeply For Peace

May all beings be happy.
May they live in safety and joy.
May all living beings,
whether weak, strong, tall, stout, average or short,
near or far, seen or unseen, born or to be born,
May they all be happy.

Let no one decieve another or despise any being in any state,
let none by anger and hatred wish to harm another.

As a mother watches over her child,
willing to risk her life to protect her only child,
so should one cherish all living beings,
suffusing the whole world with unobstructed loving-kindness...

From the Metta-Sutta

To all Buddhists and non-buddhists alike; friends, relatives, and all beings of every culture, faith and creed everywhere: may you travel your life's path with peace and compassion, and may the blessings of love and friendship always light your way.

Your Friend,

Scott Wichmann

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back on the Field

This picture just makes me long for summer, for baseball...

Just a quick post to say I'm back in the swing of things, and
Scapino! is up and running again. We had a great run of shows last week, and the rib contusion has healed nicely (as of this writing, it only hurts when I sneeze). Thanks to all who sent well-wishes, and happy thoughts. Theatre IV/Barksdale sure could use those positive vibes lately, (as well as your financial support) as they suffered a crazy week, only part of which was due to my nasty little spill. Go to to find out how you can help.

It is sure to be a hectic week, with several jobs coming in on the heels of the good publicity Scapino! has generated. I also auditioned for Barksdale's Production of The Full Monty which promises to be an amazing show no matter who they end up casting. Props to Barksdale for taking a chance with such a saucy show in what can sometimes be described as a 'buttoned-down' city--I'm sure it will be awesome.

In the world of sports, the Red Sox have named co-general managers Jed Hoyer & Ben Cherington, while 'Lucky Larry' Lucchino remains the puppet-master... also at Fenway, there are rumblings of a Theo Epstein re-signing and a possible 'Rocket revival', as the Sox front office has contacted the agents for Roger Clemens to express their interest in bringing him back... Meanwhile the Patriots are quietly 8-5 and getting stronger (Shhh!)... The Celtics and Bruins are swimming in a sea of mediocrity...

...And it is something like 65 days until pitchers & catchers report for spring training...

Until next time...


Scott Wichmann

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Instant Karma's Gonna Get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Every one you meet

Why in the world are we here?
Surely not to live in pain and fear
Why on Earth are you there?
When you're everywhere
Come and get your share

Well we all shine on,
Like the moon
and the stars
and the sun,


Come on......

Monday, December 05, 2005

"I want my Babybackbabybackbabyback...Ribs..."

Contusion: A severe bruise which indicates blood within the tissues under the skin due to injury. Sometimes the area will swell quite a bit over 1-3 days. Apply cold compress internittently for 72 hours to reduce swelling, then warm compresses after that to help clear up the blood within the tissues...


So, here's how it went.

Over the weekend, I was doing the matinee performance of Scapino!, and during the 'Sack Scene' with Jack Parrish, I vaulted up onto the five-foot plus-high dockside piling to do the 'Intro' for the Japanese 'Sausage Ninja' character.

My foot slipped.

The piling caught me under the arm as I fell, hitting me between rib numbers 7 & 8, and knocking the wind out of me. The audience gasped, but I shouted out "I'MA O-KAY!!" and they laughed heartily. I finished the scene and got out of there quickly. My ribcage was all banged-up , my right forearm was scraped, and I had a cut on my right wrist. It was kind of hard to get a good deep breath.

We finished the show, (Pretty strongly, too) but we had to cancel the evening performance and the sunday matinee. I went to Patient First and they X-rayed me. I told the x-ray technician that she had to take the photos again because, as I said, "I blinked." She stared back at me like I was from Mars. The Doctor looked me over and said I should be fine in two or three days. He had me sign two prescription slips. as I signed them, I managed to wheeze out a self-deprecating joke, "Now, Doc, don't you go selling my autograph on E-bay,..." He, too, stared vacantly back at me, saying, "I'm sorry?"

That Patient First, I tell ya-- Tough room.

As I write this, it is Monday evening, and I feel a great deal better. My side is still sore to be sure, but it is a marked improvement over yesterday. The cruelest twist is that, of all things, it hurts to laugh the most, so I couldn't talk to Dave Clark for very long yesterday, because he seemed to delight in tormenting me with his comedic stylings, Dat Poughkeepsie Baaa-stid. Family Guy and American Dad almost killed me last night, too. So I must be stern, grim, concentrated, focused, and--


Whoa!! I just farted... Heh-heh...haha-HHHAAA--OWWWWWWWWW!!!MOTHEROFPEARLBAILEY!!!!

...Unhh..., anyway...I am up and moving around a little, and my aim is to do some Yoga tomorrow to stretch it out & release some of the muscle tension in that area.

Thanks to everyone who called or wrote to me asking if I needed anything. I really hated not being physically able to do the show-- It made me appreciate the opportunity to do what I love even more, and to cherish every moment. I am also very thankful, because it could have been a lot worse.

I also wish to extend a special thank you to my wife, Jennifer, who took care of me through it all-- It amounts to caring for a whiny thirteen year-old boy for three days straight...

See you on wednesday, when hopefull I can return to full YAAAAA!!!!Strength...


Scott Wichmann

Thursday, December 01, 2005


" Take that, cheap-ass Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs !!!"

Oh, Captain Jumbo Joe, we hardly knew ye-- you are now a San Jose Shaaahk.

In the immortal words of Ray Piniero--"YO!! THAT'S FOUL!! I'M BITTER!!!"

Looks like another 'Rebuilding' year is in store for the Black & Gold... Ugh...

('Course, they beat Ottawa 3-0 tonight-- Can y'all say Ewing Theory??)

Props to Mark Poutenis for the kickass artwork (slipped to me via 'Karate Boy' Steven Lowell)

Check out Mark's other cool sh--er--stuff at

....On the Scapino! Front, I received the greatest compliment I've ever gotten for a show in my life this evening. I'll share it soon....

Go Sawx,