Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thoughts on Dennis, America, and Baby deers.

Okay, so I'm up late again, (3am) trolling political websites and talking politics with libertarians, republicans, dems and greens, and I'm holding my own by myself on the home page message board of this great, comprehensive political website called:


It is a fantastic, well-informed and comprehensive resource for the electorate to research all presidential candidates and where they stand on the major Issues. Know what you stand for. Find a candidate for you.

Anyway, all y'all know that I'm backing the 'Kooch' in 2008, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and his platform of social justice, living wage, end to war, universal healthcare and generally being a wicked awesome little vegan Ohioan Gandhiji.

Well, usaelectionpolls.com/ helped me discover some stuff-- For Example, did you know that Dennis Kucinich's platform is the one that most americans identify with--on nearly all pressing issues-- more than any democratic candidate-- even Obama??

So, when people say "Nnnnhhh, I dunno, Dennis is 'wayyy Left' it is because the deepest aspirations of a majority of americans are 'Nhhhhh, I dunno, wayyy left.'

Amazingly, All of the Dems in the race are to the right of a majority of americans!! (except the cranky Mike Gravel, whom I love-- YELL, MIKE!! YELL!!)

Most americans want:

Universal healthcare (real universal, not-for-profit Healthcare for eyyyybody)
To End the war In Iraq
To Cancel NAFTA
To Cancel the WTO
To provide a Living Wage
To Develop Alternative Energy
To provide Universal Pre-K
To see Fair trade reform contingent on Human rights & environmental quality
To Get China out of our checkbook
To develop a new national manufacturing base
Full-Employment economy
To capture Osama and bring him to trial for the murder of 3,000 Americans


To pet a baby deer in a park by a lake.

Okay, my tofu-hippie-buddhist-beastie-boy ass made the last part up. But you must admit, dem dere deers shore are cute when they're littleuns.

Anyway, Keeping those issues in mind, wouldn't it be great if citizens voted, I dunno, their CONSCIENCE for a change?

If you agree with any of those issues, then Dennis presents a most excellent candidacy for YOU!!

So, go to the above website and, if you're inclined, show Dennis a little love. Vote in the polls. Speak your mind.

(I'm getting kicked around on the boards by some anti-new world order federal-income-tax-repealing-Libertarians who think my middle name is Chairman Mao, but I'm having a boo-last!!)

Anyway, research Dennis Kucinich and show him some love!!



Scott Wichmann

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dennis is Right Now.

Among all democratic candidates for President, only Dennis Kucinich is voicing the real concerns of everyday americans and speaking directly to the redress of their grievances. We know that 46 million americans go without healthcare every day, so Dennis is for universal healthcare, authoring HR 676 to insure every man, woman and child in the US. He has authored HR 333, holding VP Dick Cheney accountable for crimes against the US Constitution. Dennis voted against the war in Iraq and every spending bill thereafter. Dennis favors a WPA-style program to create American jobs by renovating the nation's crumbling infrastructure and retro-fitting homes with energy-saving technology that will reduce costs and benefit the environment.

Dennis is for the working men and women of america, because he is one of them.

Sure, our good friends on the right may call Dennis' domestic agenda another example of 'Tax & spend liberalism at it's most wasteful' but we never hear a word when the present Republican Administration mysteriously 'loses' 8 billion dollars in cash in Iraq. You didn't read that wrong-- it's gone, poof, vanished, with no accounting. 8 BILLION DOLLARS. Of your money. My money. US taxpayer funds. Flailing in the winds of Iraq... or wherever.

Think of how many american children could have been fully insured with 8 Billion dollars; how many repairs to infrastructure could have been made; How many schools, hospitals, senior centers, job training and adult literacy courses could have been funded. 8 Billion just -- vanished? Not to mention the no-bid wartime gifts, hand-over-fist, the Bush administration gives to corporations like Halliburton. And here the neocons are reverting to their tired routine of attacking 'Tax & Spend' liberals?? Please.

It's high time we put an ADULT in the white house, someone who comes from a working-class background; Someone who knows that Unions and american manufacturing jobs make america strong; Someone who understands --the first time-- that war should only be used as a last resort; Someone who wants to repeal NAFTA and the WTO and go back to bilateral trade contingent on workers rights, human rights and environmental quality principles ; Someone who wants to stage an intervention to stop our bloated deficit spending-habit; Someone who will put an end to the practice of financing China's economy in favor of incentives to provide decent wages and benefits for American workers; Someone who will distribute Taxation equitably-- lifting and shifting the Tax burden off the backs of the poor and the middle class and making the big corprations and the wealthiest 1% pay their fair share; Someone who upholds the ideals of the US Constitution, in word AND deed, voting against the authoritarian, bill-of-rights-stripping USA Patriot act; Someone who wants to hold the current administration accountable for it's horrendous corporate cronyism, lies, malfeasance, mismanagement and outright thievery of Iraq's oil for geopolitical strategic hegemony.

Lastly, a candidate who understands that we are all interconnected, as Dr King once put it, in an "Inescapable network of mutuality." A man in the mold of Gandhi, Dr King and Thoreau, who speaks truth to power and recognizes the immense potential of the promise that is The United States of America.

I'll cast my vote for Dennis Kucinich. I hope you will too.

Scott Wichmann