Friday, January 06, 2006


Chips Ahoy, Y'all!!!

I'm feeling good lately, working out three days a week, and today is the first 'official' day of workout for the VBC Cardinals at RBI Baseball Center on Staples Mill Road. I'm hyped.

I'm also involved in an American Family Fitness Basketball league on tuesday nights, and Scapino! has my heart rate up nightly.

I recently saw the AFF spot I filmed a few weeks back; The "Be Your Own Scorekeeper" American Family Fitness Commercial. In it, I can't seem to do a single pull-up until a gorgeous woman starts stretching next to me... The result is COMEDY!! Look for it during Fox's NFL Wild-Card coverage this sunday.

Props to the Pats-- They'll have their hands full this weekend against a hungry Jags team, and I'm sending good vibes to all my friends who are 'Skins fans. Beat the Bucs!!!

Scapino! Closes on Jan 22nd-- if you haven't seen it, please get your tickets now!!!