Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thoughts on Dennis, America, and Baby deers.

Okay, so I'm up late again, (3am) trolling political websites and talking politics with libertarians, republicans, dems and greens, and I'm holding my own by myself on the home page message board of this great, comprehensive political website called:


It is a fantastic, well-informed and comprehensive resource for the electorate to research all presidential candidates and where they stand on the major Issues. Know what you stand for. Find a candidate for you.

Anyway, all y'all know that I'm backing the 'Kooch' in 2008, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and his platform of social justice, living wage, end to war, universal healthcare and generally being a wicked awesome little vegan Ohioan Gandhiji.

Well, usaelectionpolls.com/ helped me discover some stuff-- For Example, did you know that Dennis Kucinich's platform is the one that most americans identify with--on nearly all pressing issues-- more than any democratic candidate-- even Obama??

So, when people say "Nnnnhhh, I dunno, Dennis is 'wayyy Left' it is because the deepest aspirations of a majority of americans are 'Nhhhhh, I dunno, wayyy left.'

Amazingly, All of the Dems in the race are to the right of a majority of americans!! (except the cranky Mike Gravel, whom I love-- YELL, MIKE!! YELL!!)

Most americans want:

Universal healthcare (real universal, not-for-profit Healthcare for eyyyybody)
To End the war In Iraq
To Cancel NAFTA
To Cancel the WTO
To provide a Living Wage
To Develop Alternative Energy
To provide Universal Pre-K
To see Fair trade reform contingent on Human rights & environmental quality
To Get China out of our checkbook
To develop a new national manufacturing base
Full-Employment economy
To capture Osama and bring him to trial for the murder of 3,000 Americans


To pet a baby deer in a park by a lake.

Okay, my tofu-hippie-buddhist-beastie-boy ass made the last part up. But you must admit, dem dere deers shore are cute when they're littleuns.

Anyway, Keeping those issues in mind, wouldn't it be great if citizens voted, I dunno, their CONSCIENCE for a change?

If you agree with any of those issues, then Dennis presents a most excellent candidacy for YOU!!

So, go to the above website and, if you're inclined, show Dennis a little love. Vote in the polls. Speak your mind.

(I'm getting kicked around on the boards by some anti-new world order federal-income-tax-repealing-Libertarians who think my middle name is Chairman Mao, but I'm having a boo-last!!)

Anyway, research Dennis Kucinich and show him some love!!



Scott Wichmann


Andrew Hamm said...

That's a kickass website.

But how can you not vote for a dude named "Mike Gravel?" He sounds like the cranky older police detective with an alimony and a MISSION!

Robinitaface said...

Hippie. ;-)

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