Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Shape of Things to Come...

'Shades' Premieres Sunday at 10pm at Firehouse theatre as part of 'Project Resolution'
(I'm the bald-headed thug in the upper right corner)

Okay, so things have picked up steam in the last week or so. First, I am happy to report that Rounding Third is a Go. I travel to Lexington, Kentucky on Saturday night and I start rehearsals on monday for this heartwarming dramatic comedy about two mismatched little-league coaches trying to co-exist peacefully despite very different world views. Directed by Rick St. Peter, Rounding Third opens April 22nd and runs until May 14th. This production will be unique, as each evening the actors will switch roles, much like Phil Hoffman & John C. Reilly did in their LAByrinth Theatre poduction of True West a few years back. It is something I have never attempted before, and I'm excited about the prospect of seeing how the play takes on new life as we come at it from different perspectives every other evening...

On May 15th, I travel back to Richmond and start reheasals for The Taming of the Shrew at Richmond Shakespeare Festival. I'll be playing 'Grumio,' the plucky comic sidekick to Petruchio. The show is presented outdoors at historic Agecroft Hall, which is such a wonderful place to play. The lovely, charming & talented Susan Sanford stars as Kate, and it will be incredibly fun to work with her again. We were teamed for 2002's Barksdale Production of Olympus on my Mind with hilarious results. She is the consummate professional; A sassy stage prescence with heart & moxie. I can't wait. 'Shrew' opens June 15th.

I will also be teaching the 'young'uns' at SPARClers day camp as well this summer-- Jennie Brown and the School for the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community have graciously asked me to be a part of the three-to-six-week curriculum, and I have accepted...

You may remember a few weeks back that I took part in a reading of a great new play by Israel Horovitz called The Secret of Madame Bonnard's Bath. The reading at the Firehouse was vey well-attended, and the play, a three-actor examination of the life of artist Pierre Bonnard, was very well received. Well, Mr. Horovitz has asked me to be a part of the cast of 'Madame Bonnard' in his world-premiere prodction at the Gloucester Stage Company in Gloucester, Massachussetts. The show will run from August 10-27th.
I am so incredibly excited to be able to work with Mr. Horovitz on this play. He's a very down-to-earth and accessible man, a gracious and humble fellow who has been the Artstic Director at GSC for 27 years (Without pay, no less!!). My wife Jennifer is currently in the Firehouse production of his play Compromise which runs until March 25th. Please Ch-Ch-check it out...

In some film-related affairs, Keith Marcum's short film Shades of Grey (pictured above) will be premiering at Project Resolution on sunday evening at 10pm. 'Project Res' is an open forum for local local filmmakers to screen their work, receive feedback, and enjoy comradeship and free popcorn. Jennifer and I both have parts in this heart-wrenching film about the goodness which lies within all of us. I watched it last night and was really moved by it. the film stars Walter Schoen as a homeless man who gives back to the world even though he has nothing. 'Project Res' starts at 7pm on sunday at the Firehouse Theatre project.

Lastly, special congratulations this week go out to my friend and Where's Charley? partner-in-crime Clifton Duncan. Clifton was recently accepted to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. A very talented and headstrong guy, I know he will do very well. HOLLA AT YA BOY!!

That's all for now!!

Peace & Justice,

Scott Wichmann

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