Sunday, August 03, 2008


Friends and Family,

First off, regarding the Manny Ramirez Trade... I'm moving forward, day by day.

Second, and most importantly-- I am proud to announce that, thanks to the support of our friends and family and the countless, tireless campaign of online voting, Mark Persinger and I have been given the opportunity to host the 3pm-6:45 drive-time slot TOMORROW, MONDAY AUGUST 4th on Sports Radio 910AM WRNL Richmond!!!

I received the call from Station Manager Mike Clifford early Friday morning asking Mark and I to come up with several sports topics to sustain a three-hour and forty-five minute radio stint. We are being thrown right into the fire, but we have been given a whole host of amazing subjects to choose from, from NFL Hall of Fame inductions to MLB Trades, the ongoing Brett Favre saga and much more. We will also be interviewing Olympic Tennis player James Blake and leading into the broadcast of Richmond Braves Baseball at 7pm.

Mark and I basically lucked out by having such incredibly supportive friends and family. We have been given a really special opportunity to do something we both really love, and we want to thank you all again for all of your help and support. If you’re not in the Sports Radio 910 Listening area, you can listen online HERE from 3pm-6:45 Monday!!

Thanks once again and we hope to do you all proud!!

Best Wishes,

Scott Wichmann and Mark Persinger

AKA The Bleacher Creatures


Anj said...

Give 'em hell Boston-style, boys!

Janine Serresseque said...

Scott, I voted for you as many times as clearing my schedule and cookies would allow! I love to hear you talk about sports! Your enthusiasm for sports and just your general effervescence makes you the perfect radio sports personality. Congratulations, Scooter Guy!

Jacquie said...

I heard some of your show yesterday. I have a radio at work that normally blasts musical my co-workers thought I was losing it! Then I got to listen some more on the way home in the car. Bravo to both you and Mark! You both sounded like you had been on the air for years. And I even learned a few things...but I will admit that I am back to musical theatre today.

Anonymous said...


i saw you tonight in the show. it was INCREDIBLE. i wish i had caught you after the show but you disappeared!!!! it was a brilliant show and you, as always, were brilliant in it. i wish we had talked more when i saw u at joes that evening! please keep in touch! email: krbellem@uncg.edy

<3 kate belleman

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