Friday, June 06, 2008

Thank You, Instructor Maguire!!

I've just finished my first week with Richmond SEAL Team Physical training, and it ROCKS. Today I found myself river rafting with my team, swimming breast-stroke relays in the James River with my sneakers on, running through the woods, and doing push-ups in ninety-degree heat. This is gonna be a great summer.

I feel like a little kid.

I love my team, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the program.

This entire week has been phenomenal.

My personal sit-up total almost doubled in just four days. I went from doing approximately 35 sit-ups(in two minutes) to 71, and I'm shooting for triple-figures next time. Hopefully when we 'test out' next Friday, I'll be in double-figures in pull-ups (They cast me in that American Family Fitness Commercial for a reason, you know!!) and I'll have made some serious progress with speed and endurance. The push-ups are still pretty tough, but the other people in the class have motivated me to do better and I eagerly look forward to each workout.

But I have to say, the single most motivational factor in SEAL Team PT is John Maguire, the founder and CEO of SEAL Team Physical Training. The guy is a born leader. He doesn't yell, he never, ever raises his voice. He is a master motivator, encouraging you to do your best and take care of your teammates. His quiet confidence and sense of humor rubs off on the whole team, and we have been infused with his spirit.

John's story is unique, uplifting, and inspiring. Please take a minute to watch the Emmy-nominated piece from WTVR reporter Greg McQuade which chronicles John's Incredible comeback last year from a spinal cord injury that could have left him paralyzed for life. If I can face everything in my life with even half of the positivity and determination he has shown, I'll never have any real problems as long as I live.

Thank you, Instructor Maguire!!

If you've ever wanted to begin a workout regimen, get in shape, lose weight, or simply challenge yourself, you would be hard-pressed to find a better team-based fitness program anywhere. Come and see for yourself!! For more information on Richmond SEAL Team Physical training, go here. HOO YA!!


cRUSSty said...

remember... no sandbagging at STPT

Jacquie said...

Just when I thought I could not be any more in awe of your ass...


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