Monday, July 23, 2007

New Tony Stewart 'Old Spice' Spot

So, the new Tony Stewart Collectible 'Old Spice' spot is out in full force. I actually watched a half hour of NASCAR Busch series coverage on July 14th to see it, and it's pretty funny. I'm on the 5-man pit crew, and, along with the other guys (Local acting treasure Mark Joy included) we only appear for like a millisecond. You can see me for like a split-second at :25 into the spot holding the trophy and Pointing to Tony as he raises his arms at Victory Road. It's pretty sweet.

We had a great time shooting it out at RIR on May 16th, and the actors on the 'Pit Crew' bonded pretty quickly. We kept saying that we should all be the featured actors in a new HBO series called 'The Crew.' Mark would be the crew chief, and we would have Rich ('the hotshot'), Casey ('the black guy'-- his own words), Andy ('the wily veteran'), and myself ('the quirky guy who should probably be played by Steve Buscemi but he was already booked.')

Maybe I'll pitch it.

A lot of 'locals' were employed by the Wieden & Kennedy Folks who shot the spot. Liz Marks held the auditions for it; David Sennett was Tony's stand-in; Justin Dray worked in the art dept; Antoinette Essa was the on-camera interviewer you see in the commercial, and Frank Creasy and Derek Phipps along with many others did extra work, playing photographers, press, and fans for the spot.

Here's hoping they come back through sometime to film some more. The spot is below-- there's a 10-second delay, then the spot starts. Enjoy!!


Jacquie O. said...

You talent knows NO limits man!

Jacquie O. said...

Hey Scott, I was at the gym yesterday and they had NASCAR on the boob tube and I saw this spot! I couldn't catch you, but i was very far away from the TV and running at the I do hope that I get to see your shinning face next time it runs!

Frank Creasy said...

Well guys, if you freeze frame the clip at like the 25th second, you'll see Scott holding up the championship trophy to Tony's second later, I appear in another scene just below Tony's right foot as he climbs the fence (I'm wearing a baseball cap cheering him on). I dunno Scott...did this top the work we did together in "Midsummer Night's Dream"? It's a close call!

What I WILL say is that Scott looked like he was BORN to be a NASCAR pit crew member! Dude, you totally ROCKED in that jumpsuit (such a babe magnet in that outfit!)

Some lessons learned from these shoots: A) Although you know you'll get cut in editing, you never have ANY idea of what they'll produce with the final product; B) The day is always longer than you ever imagined; C) Rarely do you get paid worth your time (sometimes you do, sometimes you get more, but usually not); and, D) True acting talent is NOT a prerequisite for being cast!!! In the interest of full disclosure, I also watched some NASCAR last weekend just to try to catch the commercial (I NEVER watch NASCAR!) The shoot was so funny, because all of us actor-types weren't NASCAR fans, so we didn't even know what Tony Stewart looked like until he showed up for the shoot. I know people who would have KILLED to get close to that guy, or to touch his car!

All that aside, I got to hang out a bit that day with my main man Scott, and that made it all worthwhile!!!

Frank Creasy said...

Okay, update on this one (posted Friday, Aug. 3rd)...I too was working out yesterday at the gym, and while finishing up on the treadmill caught the spot running during an ESPN talk show. Now that I know where to look, I saw both Scott and myself! Of course, you CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT blink or you WILL miss it! But we are unmistakeably THERE! (snif...I'd like to thank ALL the people who believed in me...)

Now I digress...while watching said ESPN show, there was an interview with Bud Selig. I say, if they should EVER do a biopic on Selig, he should be played by (drum roll)...Jack Parrish! Are you with me???

Scott Alley said...

Hi Scott,
I just found your link on a web search and wanted to drop a line. I too was in the commercial as one of the pit crew. You'll remember me as the guy who got a principal role his first time out. How lucky could I get, huh? I've seen the ad numerous times since, if you recall, I am a big Nascar fan. I got in the shot where Tony is lifting the barbell. I remember the director telling us to just get behind him and I tried to put him between the camera and me. Must have worked pretty well. If you know when to look, you can see me raising my hands and arms and cheering on.
I had a great time doing it. Have done one extra spot since for a Carmax Corporate film, but nothing else. I hope all is going well for you and I hope to work with you on something else as fun soon.

Scott Alley

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