Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Journey to the Center of the Mind

I will be away from Richmond until february 19th, as tomorrow I embark on a really interesting and difficult journey into the root of consciousness itself. I will be taking part in a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Course taught by S.N. Goenka in Shelburne Falls, Massachussetts, about an hour from my hometown of Pittsfield.

I'm both excited and apprehensive, wondering what I will find inside as I spend ten days in total silence, letting the mind and body settle in seated meditation for hours at a time.

I am reminded of the scene in The Empire Strikes Back, just before luke ventures into the tree cave on Dagobah... He asks Yoda "What's in there??" Yoda replies:

"Only what you take with you."

(...I can twist anything to reflect Star Wars or the Red Sox...)

My bus leaves at 12:30 am from Richmond--I'm travelling all night-- transferring in NYC, and proceeding onto Greenfield , MA. I figure the retreat will feel like heaven after 13-Plus hours on a bus. I'm bringing some books to pass the time, and it will doubtless be a test of my patience, but what the heck??

I don't know what I will find within, but I am thankful for this opportunity to practice, discover, and experience more of the blessing that is this life.

And when I get back, spring training will be just around the corner!!

(Deep Breath..)


Peace and joy to all beings everywhere!!!



Jessica said...


I'm wishing you all the best. With your exuberant energy, I expect it may be a challenge to sit so long. I hope you can turn that energy to Vipassana and have a good retreat. I'm thinking all good thoughts and wishing you metta!

anu said...

Hi Scott,

Hope you can reach out to that inner silence within you.

I'm going for the Vipassana 10-day course too, in Igatpuri in India.

And i am eagerly waiting for your return to listen in quiet silence to your experiences of moving from movement to stillness.