Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Setiembre es el mes de mas fresco!!!!

-Well, the Firehouse Theatre Project's Where's My Money? is up and running, and so am I. I am wicked exhausted from projects & commitments, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The reviews for 'Money' have been generous & the audiences have loved every minute of this weird Dostoyevskian Marital Dramady.

Here's a snippet from Joan Tupponce's review of the play at Richmond.com:

Scott Wichmann (Sidney) and Erin Thomas (Marcia Marie) play a bitter and confused husband and wife unable to salvage an empty marriage. Both Wichmann and Thomas provide powerhouse performances, nailing their roles with the precision of a master craftsman.

Director Rusty Wilson hasn't been heavy handed in his directing. He's given his cast space to act and his audience the chance to relate and reflect.

"Where's My Money?" is sometimes as real and relatable as it is surreal and quirky. It isn't a play for the masses but for those who enjoy contemporary productions that offer up food for thought, it's an entertaining night out.

We run from now until Sat, October 1st. Call 804-355-2001 for Tix. Check it out!!!

-On the Television front, I keep seeing my mug featured prominently on the newest Texas Hold 'Em VA Lottery spot, acting a fool. Last night I was watching Monday Night Football and there I was again, Big Buck-teeth and all... Honestly, I don't know what Jennifer sees in me, but I'm glad it's there, whatever it is...

-PBS affiliate WCVE Channel 23 is looking at a possible November 20th broadcast date for our five-actor production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Check this site as the date nears for the final word. I bug WCVE's Dan Stackhouse constantly because I want to be one of those cats who says "I'm so-and-so, and you're watching the Community Ideas Station."

Hook a brother up, DAN!!

-Jenny & I made it onto the big screen recently, with a prominent scene in Kevin Hershberger's Civil War epic No Retreat From Destiny. I wasn't at the premiere, which took place at the historic Byrd Theatre in Carytown, but I heard it was Impressive. When folks asked me why I missed the long-anticipated event, I had to answer honestly, and with apologies to LionHeart Filmworks:

The Sox Were on.

That says it all, dunnit??

Curt Schilling was holding the Yankees to three freaking hits IN THE BRONX!!! What the hell was I supposed to do?? I know how the Civil War ended-- what I don't know is how we're gonna hold off the Bronx Bombers this time! They're like a half-game back!! Cut me some slack, yo!!

-I'm appearing in a short one-act play by my darling dear Martha Hill Newell called Names at Westminster Caterbury this weekend, saturday & sunday (Sept 24th & 25th) at 1:30 pm. For more info, call 804-264-6256.

-You can also come out to see me & the LeeCo Gang take the Amateur Softball Association by storm on wednesday nights throughout the month of October. We play at the Softball complex behind Henderson Middle School. Last week I was crap on a stick, but we split a doubleheader. The VBC Fall baseball season has also started, but I have had to miss the first two games due to my show commitments. (I'm a member of the Black Sox-- You BETCHA!!)

-Remember, we also have Theatre IV touch football at Byrd park every sunday at 9:30am. That's right, 9:30, bee-otch. (Across from the Unity Church at 1000 Blanton Ave) Last week we had like fifteen people. Numbers are gonna go down as soon as the temperature does, so let's see some new faces!!

That's all I got for now-- I Leave you with this short poem by 12th century persian poet Hafiz, who's obviously been wating a long time for his big break, so here it is.

Take it away, homes.

after all this time,
The sun never says to the Earth,
"You owe me."

Look at what happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.

...If the Sox don't win this division I'm gonna be pissed.


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