Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Schill is gone...

What's up with Curt Schilling??

Last night he blew a 2-run lead in the ninth against the Tigers, halting (at least temporarily anyway) the runaway train-esque momentum of those badass beantown baseball boys. Hopefully he gets that nasty splitter back and makes it into the starting rotation in september. The Sox need bullpen help, that's for certain. ...and if Mr. Foulke can regain his mojo in the coming weeks, both he and Pawtucket call-up John Papelbon could be just what the doctor ordered. Fingers crossed-- GO SOX!!!


I Just got a confirmation for a Booking in Luray, VA on february 4th, 2006... Time to drag out the Penguin suit again & swing away with Jazz Pianist Bob Hallahan & the cats. I always love to do these gigs, and I'm really finding a comfortable groove and my own style at the microphone. I'll post details as they come in. You can check out Bob Hallahan's appearance schedule and much more at www.bobhallahan.com

My wife Jennifer has been dipping her fingers & toes into all manner of creative waters-- Her paintings will be on display at Crossroads coffee & Ice Cream starting next tuesday. da joint is located at 3600 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, 23225 - (804) 231-2030. This is also the last weekend to see her in Hank Williams: Lost Highway at Swift Creek Mill theatre.
To view her performance schedule & to see some samples of her artwork, go to her new site at www.jenniwren13.blogspot.com

Ekoji Buddhist sangha of Richmond's Vipassana meditation group meets every monday at 7:30 pm and every Friday at 5:30 pm. We are located at 3411 Grove Avenue. If you've ever been interested in meditation, come check it out. There's no religious ceremony or any of that; Just a cool group of people trying to slow down for an hour or so & let the mind settle. You can find information about other the other Ekoji Buddhist groups (Zen, Vajrayana, Pureland) by logging onto www.ekojirichmond.org

Random Blasts...
Having a great time rehearsing Where's My Money? at the Firehouse Theatre Project-- Rusty Wilson is a great director & a real solid additon to the development of good theatre in this town... Watched Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy last night (I had never seen the film before) I still have goosebumps... Jesse Rabinowitz (Cry OUT!!) has written a new two-character play that is really great, called Three Week Shoot.... I read about the stampede at the Richmond raceway Complex-- The county was selling ibooks for fifty bucks a pop & the crowd of Henrico residents trampled one another to get at them when the gates opened-- Everybody CHILL!!...I am wearing a hawaiian shirt right now... The VBC Championship game is this weekend-- Go to www.vbcbaseball.com .... I'll be in a softball league in the fall... Know who kicks ass?? The DEAD MILKMEN.

That's all I got-- Peace & Prosperity to all beings everywhere (Yes, Even Steinbrenner.)



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